Psychological Therapy Services – for Individuals, Couples and Groups

Individual psychotherapy and counselling

Many people prefer and need to be seen individually. This can be for assessment, to decide what is the best way forward, or, following assessment, for on-going counselling or psychotherapy if this is indicated. I have a range of ways of working with individual adults, from brief employee-assistance contracts (typically three sessions), through structured brief therapy contracts (from a few to around forty sessions), to longer-term exploratory psychotherapy. Broadly, counselling or brief therapy is more appropriate if an event or crisis has occurred that leads to help being required to move forward or where a key issue needs to be addressed, whereas more exploratory therapy is appropriate if there are repeating patterns of behaviour or experience emerging that suggest that issues from earlier in life have yet to be resolved.

Couple therapy and counselling

In my view, it is in the nature of close relationships that help is needed at various points in our life cycle. I have a range of approaches to working with couple (and sometimes family) relationships, from problem solving and resolution, through developing communication, to couple psychotherapy aimed at addressing deeper issues. As in individual therapy, a couple may need help to negotiate a particular transition or issue and be able to move on by themselves, or it may be that deeper issues merge that need more exploration and resolution.