Consultation, training and research – beyond therapy


I have training and experience in consultation, where my work is based on the recognition that ideas from psychology and psychotherapy, particularly when they take account of the wider social context and group dynamics, have a great deal to offer to individuals, groups, teams, organisations, businesses and society more generally. In this field, I work directly with individuals and groups, as well as contributing to wider initiatives. Please contact me if you have a potential project you wish to discuss.


I have been training a range of health professionals over many years, including basic training, specialist psychotherapy training and post-qualification professional development. This has involved me in the development, accreditation and management of training, and course directorship, as well as in presenting university courses and short workshops. I am interested in offering training opportunities, and happy to submit proposals for discussion for particular needs or events.


I have originated research projects on services for people diagnosed with major psychoses and their families, and on the evaluations of a family therapy clinic and a university counselling service. My PhD research explored the contribution that the classroom or ‘learning’ group makes to the training of psychotherapists, and as part of that, developed ways of studying groups and their impact on participants. I am continuing to build on this work, including writing on the use of countertransference in research and in particular practitioner research, and I welcome contacts from scholars and practitioners involved in these fields.