Clinical Supervision

I have training in clinical supervision and a lengthy experience of supervising the clinical work of a range of other practitioners, both individually and in various groups (such as groups of peers, or whole clinical teams, for example). I have been involved in the clinical supervision of trainee psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, and I have also taught clinical supervision at Master’s level. I currently supervise the work of a number of Registered Psychologists and Registered Psychotherapists. 

Supervision is also now recognised as a valuable process in a range of occupations and work settings, where the opportunity to discuss work experiences in a carefully facilitated environment can contribute to employee wellbeing, best practice, and personal and professional development.

Contact me if you have supervision requirements you would like to discuss.

I have training and experience in consultation, where my work is based on the recognition that ideas from psychology and psychotherapy, particularly when they take account of the wider social context and group dynamics, have a great deal to offer to individuals, groups, teams, organisations, businesses and society more generally. In this field, I work directly with individuals and groups, as well as contributing to wider initiatives. Please contact me if you have a potential project you wish to discuss.