Group Psychotherapy

I am forming a psychotherapy group, to begin in March 2022, or as soon as possible after that. This will be a weekly group, hosted via the Zoom internet platform. It will be a small group, with six to eight members, and will run for two years in the first instance. This will be a ‘slow open’ group. This means people may leave and others join in the life of the group, The aim, though, is to have a stable cohesive group. This type of therapy takes time, and two years is a good duration.

Applications to join the group are invited from adults of any age, gender and ethnic background, and referrals are also welcome. Ideally the group represents the diversity of wider society. I will meet with potential members individually, possibly more than once, to assess suitability for the group, and whether this form of therapy is right for you at this time.

The group will take place on a Thursday morning each week, from 7.45am to 9.15am, Auckland NZ time (UCT + 11, 12 or 13 hours, depending on the time of year). The group will meet for approximately 42 weeks of the year. The fee will be $90NZ per 90-minute session, payable monthly in advance. Members are be asked to commit to attend for at least 12 sessions, and to give four weeks notice should they wish to leave the group prematurely. The fee for assessment meetings will be $180NZ per hour. You are invited to contact me directly, or you may be referred by another professional.